Sibongile security services

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2014 Women
Owned Business
of the Year

Leading the future of security on a national level, we are the definitive experts in security solutions


The aim of the company is to make a vast impact on the security industry and that it is geared for any possible changes that may be encountered in South Africa and to become competitive in an industry that is predominantly controlled by companies established during the previous dispensation. The vision of the company is contained in the following three point plan and aims to achieve this by means of:

  • Pro-active engagement of all its security personnel
  • Development of its personnel
  • Mutual co-operation and effective partnership with all its clients


Our mission:

  • Provide integrated, innovative and high quality security services to our customers.
  • Contribute greatly to the government agenda on improving the quality of life by provide employment opportunities and our social responsibility programs
  • Obtain acceptable financial returns thus ensuring business growth and sustainability which will maximize the shareholder value


We are committed to:

  • Provides excellence in our services
  • Partner and put our customers first
  • Build sustainable relationships
  • Value our most valuable assets "our employees".

Our Culture

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Consistence high standards of business ethics


We believe that once a job has been secured it must be excellently executed. We insist on our client having supervisory and evaluatory system in place to constantly measure our performance. We also require our client to convene weekly or monthly meetings with management to discuss our performance etc and matters of common interest. The company will not rest till it has reached the stature of the greatest in the security industry. We intend being more than just another attempt by the Historically disadvantaged to try hands in the security business.Professionalism, efficiency and integrity. That is the resume of our creed. We demand that we be judged by no fewer standards than what is embodied in our creed.